About us

My name is Laura and I live in Verona together with my Dutch husband, Maarten, and our two children Alice and Michele.

We met in Australia during a round-the-world trip after graduation and we both love travelling and getting to know people from different countries and cultures. We have been renting out our fully-renovated loft apartments in our family home in Verona (where we also live) for the past five years. We also own and rent out a property in the Dolomites. We enjoy welcoming our guests, helping them to feel at home and giving them all the information they need.
My wider family produces quality wines (such as Amarone and Ripasso) in the Valpolicella wine district which is close to Verona. Hence I also organize food and wine tours. Before starting my own business I used to work as a tour guide for various travel agencies. I am also a qualified, licensed sommelier (Ais). I enjoy taking my guests on personalised tours to discover our "terroir" and on wine tastings to my family winery at Brigaldara in Valpolicella, and also to other family-run wineries not only in Valpolicella but also around Lake Garda, in the Soave and in the Trentino Alto Adige wine regions. I organise Italian cookery courses, guided tours and walks to discover Verona’s hidden treasures and wine tastings of our local and regional wines in the historical osterias of the city.